Steven Gurevitz (Director / Co-Founder):

Steven has a background in digital media, but is also a keen gamer. Still writing music for games, and also the previous community manager at Gioteck and Prif (two UK based accessory companies). An owner of just about every console going, but not too cool to say he loves his Nintendo 3DS just as much as his PS4 or XBox One. Fast losing his hair and his marbles but excited to bring something new to the world of gaming accessories. Hoping asiiya will do what it says on the tin and offer great performance with super value.

Somesh Thakur (Director / Co-Founder):

Somesh has a background in audio and music production, having worked and collaborated with many international artists and producers since the days of candle-powered internet. Being a part of the Atari generation, he also has a background in selling gaming accessories online (while still keeping an eye out for space invaders). With expertise that goes from studio production to e-commerce and web and design skills, he is just as excited about asiiya as well. Having lost both his hair and marbles well ahead of asiiya co-founder Steven, he also keeps himself occupied by concocting mysterious recipes in the kitchen regularly, and he claims that no animals or humans are hurt by these.

Kyle Evans (Community Manager UK/USA):

Kyle is a massive Fan of RockstarGames, plays a lot of Grand Theft Auto and Tom Clancy Games. You’ll usually find Kyle Playing on the Xbox One and sometimes the PlayStation 4. Or you will find Kyle at UK Gaming Events. He also owns the biggest European Grand Theft Auto/Rockstar Fan news account on Twitter @GTAonlineNews.

Martín Almirón Rincón (Spanish Community Manager):

Martín loves computer games and he’s a competitive player in Spain. He played for ToroLoco Energy Drink, Dynasty eSports. He has been working as staff on Wizards Club and Savage Rebels. He plays on PS3 too but he loves PC gaming more! Now he wants to grow up as asiiya and be part of what he hopes will be one of the best Company in gaming accessories.

Community Manager de asiiya en España, Martín Almirón Rincón:

A el le gustan los juegos de ordenador y el es jugador competitivo en España. El ha jugado para ToroLoco Energy Drink, Dynasty eSports entre otros… El ha estado trabajando como staff en Wizards Club y en Savage Rebels. El ha estado jugando en PS3 aunque su amor por el ordenador no tiene comparación ninguna con las consolas. Ahora el busca crecer con asiiya y ser la mejor empresa de accesorios gaming.