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Xbox Gamescom News!

Microsoft have been busy in Germany making announcements left right and centre. 

Ok, so clearly, their biggest news came at E3, and we all know that as a platform it’s playing catch up with Sony on the first party game situation with many studios only just purchased, or projects a good few years out from now. 

However they still have a lot of great games out now or due out soon.

A game for many seasons, not just one…. as the seasons change as you play…

One of their biggest releases, Forza Horizon 4 (which this year is set in the UK), which looks beautiful (especially on the Xbox One X), has a new multi-player mode announced called Team Adventure. Work in teams to take on races, and work your way up leagues.


Only place you can play 4K PUBG on a console is Xbox One X

PUBG is at last coming out of Beta and on Sept 4th will become a full 1.0 product. With the official launch will come the Sanhok map, War Mode (a death match style with respawns which suits my style of gameplay much more than the traditional die till end of round mode of normal….). Let’s hope performance continues to improve with this official release as the game isn’t know for it’s smooth running on console (compared to PC).

Xbox Game Pass continues to be a great proposition. Now the Mast Chief Collection is being added to it. That is quite an addition as it’s a huge set of games, and some true gaming history.

Still a game best played with others. I would love there to be an update allowing me to give crew orders to a NPC crew…

Sea of Thieves, a game which has a big online community but which isn’t spoken about half as much as it should be, is getting a third major expansion called The Forsaken Shores. It promises new areas and new terrain to explore such as volcanoes (some of which are active). More content for this game can only be a good thing, to expand the universe, but we hope too there will be new gameplay elements added in a big way over time, just as No Man’s Sky recent huge update delivered. Personally, I would love there to be some really well sized towns to visit, like in Assassin’s Creed Black Flag. Some PvP around the streets of a large town would be cool, but perhaps too taxing on the system. 

Now whilst Microsoft announced many console with a game packs (which look great value) and a new PUBG controller, I was expecting news on the actual replacement new controller. The one with the internal battery. The Xbox Elite Controller 2. However nothing so far has been announced. Here’s hoping news still slips soon.

Sure, there was some other news about putting some older games on Steam, and Microsoft reminded us that all the big multi-platform games will come to their systems (and most probably look best on Xbox One X or PC), so overall a good reminder that the land of Xbox is still awash with opportunity and quality.

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