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Catch Up Review: Assassin’s Creed Rogue Remastered

Finished Origins, and feeling peckish for some more Assassin’s Creed before this Winter’s Odyssey? AC Rogue is a prequel to AC3 (but was released after it) and is a sequel to Black Flag, leading into AC Unity and was re-released for Xbox One and PS4 back in March. This was the last instalment on the PS3 and Xbox 360 and uses an older engine, both in terms of graphics, and in terms of how you control your character.

Having played it originally on PS3, it took sometime to get back into it. However, it was worth the wait and is a good way of getting your AC fix in between meals.

I won’t give away the whole plot, but the premise of the game is to let you play as a Templar for a change. Whilst you start off as an Assassin in training, within a few missions you will find yourself fighting for the Templars. 

The game continually challenges your perception of ‘right and wrong’, making you think twice about the Assassin’s motivations and believe in the Templars always being in the wrong.

The original looked pretty good, perhaps a slight step up from AC3 despite being very similar to it. The re-mastered version though looks very nice, and is a lovely step up. As always, it’s best played on the Xbox One X, with the PS4 Pro coming second. 

Some of the controls are clunky when compared to Origins, or even Syndicate, but that just goes to show how much Origins has moved the goal posts forward. Once you regress your memory a little how to play an older AC game comes back to you. As with Black Flag, the game has lots of ship battles which are always a blast.As with many Ubisoft games there are missions to take control of bases, which kind of unlock areas, and influence the surroundings.

As mentioned earlier the game really does look nice updated for modern consoles and even if you played it before it’s worth playing again on an Xbox One X or PS4 Pro. If you have a basic Xbox One or PS4, it’s still a big step up as discussed by the excellent people at Digital Foundry.

Overall the game is good. Not an AC classic, but good and reliable. Sure, at times the story feels a little rushed, as if the game didn’t have the full development cycle a ‘main’ AC game would get, and the current day side quests and story feel very forced. Yet none of this should put you off, especially as by now the game is great value.

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