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Who are asiiya?

So, if you are reading this you have found or stumbled upon the home! So who and WHAT is asiiya?

We are new gaming tech company, and perhaps in the future more than just gaming… We have plans to create some really cool accessories (big and large) in the future, solving REAL problems for real gamers. To start with we aim to sell the a mixture of own brand accessories and also those from the best brands we can find in China and the other centres of excellence in gaming gear production.

We will work closely with these companies to improve everything from the actual product, to the manual and of course if bought by us it will be backed up with a really personal touch of customer care.

We want you to be able to reach out to us, whether it be via social media, or the blog. We’ll even have our own podcast, and maybe some of you could feature on it!

Expect to see us at shows in the future, either roaming meeting people, or one day with our own stand.

asiiya is hebrew for performance, and we want you to feel we put everything into our performance, both pre sales and post sales, and of course making sure the gear itself performs.

So for some really cool, and well priced gaming products for PS4, Xbox One, PC, PS3, Xbox 360 and more….. keep this page bookmarked, and follow/like as required 🙂

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