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ReCore Review

Poor ol’ Keiji Inafune. Poor ol’ Microsoft. Initially, it was quite a coup to get Inafune – Mega Man’s daddy – attached to a game that was not only Microsoft exclusive, but also due to be one of the flagship titles for the whole “play anywhere” thing of Xbox One and PC cross-pollination. Then Mighty […]

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Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Review

What’s that coming over the hill? It’s Adam Jensen. It’s Adam Jensen! *harmonics* Yes, the latest Deus Ex game is out in the wild grazing on consumers’ wallets, with the same protagonist as Human Revolution. You can therefore look forward to a black trenchcoat, a voice suspicously close identical to Batman’s, and hilarious mind-controlled sunglasses welded […]

Asiiya News

Who are asiiya?

So, if you are reading this you have found or stumbled upon the home! So who and WHAT is asiiya? We are new gaming tech company, and perhaps in the future more than just gaming… We have plans to create some really cool accessories (big and large) in the future, solving REAL problems for […]

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F1 2016

Fear not, lovers of Formula 1; you no longer need to sit on the sofa holding an imaginary steering wheel between your hands at arm’s length, screaming NEEEEYYYOOOWWWW as you throw your body left and right, in order to pretend that you’re in the thick of this year’s action in the comfort of your own […]