asiiya Gaming Accessories Update

asiiya Gaming Accessories Update

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Some of you might be wondering if/when we are going to release products!

Don’t worry, we will be shipping products very soon, and announcing pricing.

Right now we are working on some market images and video teasers for you all to enjoy.

Below is a teaser of a video currently in production….

We will be launching with a full range of charging cradles and batteries for the PS4 and Xbox One, and maybe the Xbox 360. Plus we will have a range of silicons, and hard cases… some of which include a battery back built in! Power and Grip in one package.

PLUS we hope to launch a multi-platform headphone amplifier, and a PS4 specific amp (which also comes with a battery pack).

More products are in development, but first let’s get the initial products out there. We really hope you will like them and like their pricing!


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